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The Painted Nail

Steam Off Gel Removal with Free Pro Size Remover

$ 99.00
A little more info...
The Steam-Off Gel Removal Kit comes with a Steam-Off unit and 16 oz. Pro Size vitamin infused Removal Liquid. The unit is capable of steaming off most Polishes, Lacquers and Soak-Off Gel Polishes. Times vary by brand and thickness. Simply pour a small capful of the Removal Liquid in the cup inside the unit and turn on. The unit will heat up and beep when ready for your fingertips to be placed in. Rest your hand on top of the unit and let the steam do its work. Polishes and One-Step Soak Off Gels remove in 5 mins or less (it beeps 2x) and most traditional 3 Step Soak Off Gels remove in 10 mins or less (one long beep). If you are having trouble steaming off your Soak Off Gel polish, Steam for another cycle until the gel literally falls off your fingertips. That way you are not scraping, buffing or destroying your nails and surrounding skin. This truly will have you saying "I will never Soak Again!" and your nails will Thank You :)

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