Mirror Shine Nails (Bubble Gum)

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Mirror Shine Nails (Bubble Gum)
Mirror Shine Nails (Bubble Gum)

1. Select the correct size of the Mirror Nail and an adhesive tab that best fits your nail.

2. Apply adhesive tab to the natural nail, press and smooth, peel of film (Glue: Apply glue to the back of the Mirror Nail and natural nail evenly)

3. Align Mirror Nail with cuticle and press down firmly starting in the middle and then each side. Shape your nails or leave as is. Change the length by simply cutting and filing. 

Removal: Do not force or pull off nails! Gently take the woodstick, place between the Mirror Nail and natural nail and roll back and forth. 

Contents: 24 Mirror Shine Nails, mini file, 48 adhesive tabs, woodstick and 2g Glue.

Product Warning: Keep Away from Children. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Do Not use on nails that have exposed skin or are infected.