DYO Nails (Square)

The Painted Nail

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DYO Nails (Square)
DYO Nails (Square)
DYO Nails (Square)

Let Your Nails Be The Blank Canvas!

Works Great with Polish, Gel, Color Flash and Nail Art!

1. Make sure your natural nails are bare and clean

2. Trim back and file your natural nail

3. Soften cuticles and push back using woodstick

4. Select the correct size of the DYO Nails and Align with the cuticle and press down firmly. 

Removal: Do Not force or pull of nails! Gently take the woodstick and place between DYO nail and natural nail, roll back and forth to loosen. Rubbing Alcohol helps remove excess adhesive.

Contents: 24 pre glued Design Your Own Nails, mini file and orangewood stick

*Keep Away From Children. Do Not Use on Infected, Damaged, Thin or Weak nails.