We are so excited to announce that a smaller, more affordable version of the Award Winning Steam Off® Gel and Acrylic Remover is coming FALL 2017! We are NOW accepting Pre-Orders online. The Steam Off® was created by Katie Cazorla in 2015 as a solution to help dragging gel sales in her salon The Painted Nail. Clients loved how fast gel cured and lasted but dreaded the removal process. Soaking your fingers in harmful acetone, scraping your nail beds, wrapping them in cringe worthy foil, etc. It also is very hard to remove your own gel or acrylic if you like to do your own nails. 

Following the over whelming success and selling out multiple times over, Katie has listened to her clients and customers and what their needs are. "I wish it was more compact for my nail station" "I wish I could take it with me to set" "I wish I could travel with it in my make up bag", "I wish I had 2" and the most requested was "I wish it was more affordable!"

After almost a year of testing and perfecting, the Mini SO is coming! 

Stay Tuned for the release! 


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  • I would love to know if the steam off works with any gel or regular polish. Can I use my own polishes.

    Deborah J Gilliam

  • I love you Katie and this mail shop. Im 40 years old, married with a 16 yr old.. my nails are fritkke and only grow to a small extent b4 chipping. I wish you had a “how to” 4 everything nails.. tutorials.. cuz I love painting my nails but they never seem 2 get it right or operate any gel or heat.. help??

    Sandi Sulinski

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